PPG Minutes: 11th April 2022

1. Attendees and Apologies

Present: Chairman Tony Broadrick (TB), Kulvinder Singh (KS), Buphi Singh (BS) Mark Solly (MS), Debbie Arnold (DA), Claire Stanley (CS), Susan Pamphlett (SP) and Caroline Frampton (CF) (note taker).

Apologies: Barbara Bamber, Michael Wood and Amelia (student member). 


2. Review of Meeting 31st January and any Action Points


Surgery is continuing to work on the website to make it more accessible.

The Notes of this Group are now on the website.

Staffing details have been updated on the website.

Partners to review the possibility of a Facebook page for the Practice – to be picked up at next meeting. The newsletter is also on the website.

Photos of staff are not yet on the website and it has been agreed that only the GP photos would be on site. Mark to liaise with Claire regarding photos.

Friends and Family Test has been added to the website.

3. Treasurers Report

The balance is £1,597. To be discussed at next meeting.


4. Newsletter / Website

At this stage the Practice does not have the capacity to produce a newsletter. SP offered to provide assistance but would need a steer regarding information to put in the newsletter. Agreed to pick this up at the next meeting.

The Group discussed the value of the NHS Kent and Medway Community Bulletin and the Healthwatch Kent Update for Stateholders. These are circulated amongst the Group on regular basis. It was felt that they are very informative and that it would be useful to put a link on the Practice website. CF to liaise with CS regarding a link that could be put on the website.


5. Update on Vaccinations, flu clinics, covid booster (KS)

Covid boosters (4th vaccine) starting June. Flu vaccinations will commence in September.


6. Primary Care Network (PCN) Accreditation

A Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of a group of GP practices working together with a range of local Health Care Providers (ie pharmacy, mental health etc). This Practice is the first practice in Kent to apply for accreditation and be an Accredited Training  Practice. The Practice has approval to train Foundation year 2 doctors, doctors intending to become GPs, Physician Associate Students and nurses.

A further update will be provided at the next meeting.


7. Possible Education Events e.g. Prostrate

Possibly every six months. Agreed to pull together a list of possible topics at a future meeting.


8. Any Other Business

The Participation Group congratulated Dr Singh on his Fellowship. This is in recognition of the excellent work since mid-eighties in improving GP services for the health of the local community. The RCGP elected to make Dr Singh a Fellow, (FRCGP). This Fellowship is the highest grade of membership.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) functions will be subsumed into Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), with CCGs ceasing to exist as statutory organisations by July 2022.

Online booking of appointments is not active.

The Practice is text messaging individual patients re asthma. The text asks a number of questions and depending on the response an appointment is made for the patient to visit the Practice. This will be opened up for other medical conditions.

The Practice has a Pharmacy Technician – their role is to speak to patients offering advice on how to best manage their medicines, helping with the prescribing medication.

A new care home has opening within the catchment area of the Northumberland Road Surgery. This will add approximately 70 new patients.

The Group wished Amelia luck in her A levels and future studies. Surgery to pass on to the PPG the names of any patients that have expressed an interest in joining the PPG.

Annual General Meeting – because of the current covid situation this has been deferred by the PPG for a further year.

Date of next meeting

Monday 11 July 2022 at 6:00pm at Shepway Surgery.

(This has subsequently been re-arranged to Monday 25th July).